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Learjet Charter

Learjet was founded in the late 1950s and established a strong reputation as one of the first manufacturers of high-quality business jets. Today, the Bombardier Learjet family carries on this fine tradition by producing aircraft with optimized efficiency, strength, and agility. Key Air offers the Learjet 45XR jet for charter, a late-model aircraft well-suited to corporate flights or personal travel.

Your Learjet charter aircraft will exceed your expectations with its technologically advanced avionics, spectacular performance, and exquisite interior. Its cabin space utilizes a space-saving design to give you the opportunity to comfortably move around. The aircraft offers a heated external baggage compartment as well as a smaller interior luggage area, allowing you to take everything you need for your journey. Your private Learjet aircraft will not fail to impress with its novel environmental control system that keeps noise levels below 72 decibels and offers exquisite temperature control. With its technologically advanced controls and comfortable interior, a Learjet charter jet gives you the flexibility to travel in style.

Key Air also partners with carefully vetted, select operators to create the optimal charter jet solution for you. This preferred group of operators maintains an ARG/US safety rating to ensure the highest standards of safety are achieved.