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More than any other company, Key Air combines customized jet charter solutions with impeccable safety ratings.”
– Susan L.

Aircraft Management and Jet Charter Service Provider Key Air, Launches Aircraft Sales Group to Begin New Year with an Expanded Charter Fleet

February 2, 2016

Oxford, CT / February 2, 2016 / Key Air, a leading national provider of best-in-class aircraft management and worldwide executive jet charter services is proud to announce the expansion of its aircraft management service offerings to include aircraft sales. The newly designated group will also facilitate the acquisition of aircraft for current and future clients. With these expanded services now available, Key Air added three new pristine private jet charter aircraft – the Bombardier Global 5000 Vision, Gulfstream IVSP and Learjet 45XR – to its managed fleet within the first month of the New Year. Upon the heels of celebrating its 30th anniversary in the aviation industry, Key Air continues to strengthen its infrastructure and expand its offerings to remain a leader in the marketplace.

“Key Air’s new and aggressive approach to facilitating the acquisition and sale of aircraft for our clientele is a crucial component in expanding our aircraft management services,” said Tony DiVerniero, Director of Aircraft Sales and Acquisition. “With a network of aircraft brokers and manufacturers we can provide our current and future clients a one-stop resource. Coupled with our innovative methods to expand our managed fleet, Key Air has strengthened itself for continued growth and success.”

In conjunction with adding the Global 5000 Vision to its 135 certificate, Key Air’s Vice President and Director of Flight Operations, Chris Hand, recently received the FAA Check Airman designation for the entire Bombardier Global fleet line. He has also been given the authority to conduct FAA evaluations at the completion of Key Air’s in-house 135 training, greatly benefiting the company’s training and scheduling process. The company will be able to fully optimize crew and aircraft timelines without the constraints of scheduling delays further enhancing Key Air’s aircraft management offerings and capabilities.

“I am pleased with the hard work demonstrated by the entire Key Air community”, said Alan DePeters, Key Air President and CEO. “Through everyone’s dedication and commitment, Key Air was able to add the Global 5000 Vision to our Ops Specs in record time – within one week from the date of closing! Our Operations and Maintenance divisions continue to operate optimally as they previously did in adding the Gulfstream G650ER and Falcon 7X to our Ops Spec capabilities. I am equally proud of Chris Hand’s accomplishments with the completion of his rigorous training and newly appointed Check Airman designation for the Bombardier Global series as well as for our own fleet. His commitment to advancing the company’s capabilities and training programs is commendable – congratulations Chris!”

About Key Air

For 30 years, Key Air’s expertise and reputation for providing safety, reliability and exceptional customer service enabled its expansion from a regional operation to its current national status. Custom, tailored-made aircraft management solutions and boutique-style services exemplify Key Air’s commitment to individualized care. Key Air manages an impressive charter fleet of modern midsize to ultra-long-range aircraft all meticulously maintained to offer clients a broad range of solutions to meet their travel needs. Committed to the safety and security of its clients, Key Air garners several prestigious safety accreditations, including Industry Audit Standard registration from the Air Charter Safety Foundation, International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (ISBAO) and continued Platinum operator status by ARG/US.

For more information about Key Air and our offerings, visit us at or call us at 888.539.2471.

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